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Medical Malpratice

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Medical Malpratice

Most people have heard the term “medical malpractice” at some point, but people never expect to hear it in relation to their own lives. By definition, medical malpractice simply means that a healthcare professional has been negligent, and failed to provide the standard level of treatment required of them.

In the United States, we have a culture of medicine, and medical treatment has become a regular part of our lives. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and nursing homes are all places we go to keep our bodies healthy. From treating the common cold, to healing broken bones, we entrust healthcare professionals with our well-being and with our lives.

Most Common Medical Malpractice Injuries


Medical malpractice can encompass a broad range of areas, from slipping and falling at a hospital, to the most severe cases of failure to diagnose or treat an illness. Some of the most common medical malpractice injuries are:

  • Infection
  • Stroke
  • Deformity
  • Sepsis
  • Nerve Damage
  • Brain Damage
  • Death

There are simply too many examples of malpractice to list them all here. Injuries that are the result of a medical professional’s negligence can be life-altering for the victims of medical malpractice, as well as for their families.

How Do I Know If I Have a Medical Malpractice Claim?


There have been many changes to the laws that govern how a medical malpractice lawsuit is handled, and these changes have turned medical malpractice into a very complex and difficult area of law. Most of the time, the burden of proof will rest on the victim or their family members.


Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes will have teams of legal professionals and insurance adjusters dedicated to disproving any negligence by the healthcare professionals that work for them. They are well versed in providing the victims and their families with medical explanations that may lead you to believe nothing out-of-the-ordinary took place.


Your best course of action is to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney with a proven track record winning cases like yours. Because the laws often change and are so complicated, only someone who understands the specifics involved with medical malpractice law will be capable of holding those responsible for your injuries accountable.

What Should I Do Now?


First and foremost, we understand that you have many questions. How could this happen? Is this my fault? Could I have done something to avoid this? We have helped people all over New Jersey find the answers.


At the Law Office of Raffi Khorozian, we have access to multiple medical malpractice experts who will help find out what happened to you, and who is responsible.


Contact our office immediately. We will listen to and review your case with no obligation or cost to you. We will do everything in our power to ensure that those responsible are held accountable, and we will fight for your rights every step of the way.

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