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Client Testimonials

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Ashley K

Never had to deal with an attorney, but after my accident I am glad i choose Raffi Khorozian. He guided me through all process with ease.

Juanita W.

I was hit by a car  which fled the scene while i was crossing the street.I suffered a fracture shoulder, I needed therapy and had no insurance. I called Law offices of Raffi T. Khorozian and within hours i was being trnsported to a private doctor for treatment.

Beinler R

After the accident, I was in so much pain. I was confused on who was going to pay for me to see doctor,I called NJ Victims and i was able to see doctor right away. With no out of pocket cost. Thank you Raffi Khorozian and Staff for all your help!

Alex R.

My life was changed a few years ago when I was involved in an auto accident and suffered a back injury. Raffi Khorozian and his team  were able to handle my case in a quick and professional manner.

Phillis W

I loved the way me and my son was treated

Ashley L.

I am so happy i found a law firm that is working for me and my daughter cause they care about their clients future and health.

 Carmen L

This attorneys office is very organized and they sent me my police report. They answer the phone 24/7. I recommend this law office.

Perth A

I chose you because of the responsive service that was provided. Best and nicest people to talk to.

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