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Unsafe Medical Devices

Dangerous medical devices demand strong legal action. When companies make medical devices that put people at risk, these companies need to be held accountable for their faulty devices. From artificial hips and knees, to heart pacemakers, products are supposed to help people, but they sometimes have the opposite effect. These devices are supposed to be put through a rigorous testing process. Sadly, sometimes companies cut corners to save time and money. They put products on the marketplace before they are fully tested.


Oftentimes, the manufacturer of the defective medical device is to blame. Other times, the surgeon who installed the device did so incorrectly because he or she did not receive proper training. In some cases, the doctor who conducted a follow up examination failed to notice there was anything wrong with the medical device. Whatever scenario you’re facing, contact the Law Office of Raffi Khorozian for a free case review.

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