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Premises Liability

Premises Liability

Injuries on Public Property

For example, if you fell in a stairwell at an industrial site due to a lack of handrails and broke your leg, you may be awarded damages through a premises liability lawsuit for your injuries.

When you are lawfully present on any public or private property, you have the right to expect that the property will be reasonably safe. In the state of New Jersey, premises liability laws allow individuals to take legal action against property owners who fail to maintain a safe environment for visitors.

It is a property owner’s responsibility to repair any dangerous conditions or to warn visitors of unsafe conditions. If serious injuries are sustained while on someone else’s property due to preexisting and concealed dangerous conditions, the property owner may be held accountable for their failure to correct known hazards.

If you were injured due to a dangerous defect in someone’s premises and the person responsible for the property failed to correct the problem or to warn you about it, you may be able to recover monetary compensation for your injuries.

Compensation in a Premises Liability Case May Include Past and Future:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Physical pain
  • Physical impairment
  • Disfigurement
  • Mental anguish

Due to frequently changing laws and the complexities of the legal system, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you understand your rights when pursuing a premises liability claim. Feel free to contact the Law Office of Raffi Khorozian to discuss your premises liability case for no charge.

Injuries Sustained at Schools

Because children spend most of their day at school, there is always a risk of school accidents and injuries. Though most of these injuries are very minor and don’t require medical assistance, some school-related injuries can be very serious. If you are a parent of a child who was injured while at school, you should get in touch with the attorneys at the Law Office of Raffi Khorozian immediately. We will help you determine if the school is at fault, and we will pursue the case to get you the compensation that your family deserves.

If you are a parent and your child was seriously injured at school, you may want to immediately file against the school. Before you decide to file, you should contact an attorney to decide if you have a case against the school. Our attorneys at the Law Office of Raffi Khorozian can help you review the situation, and figure out your legal options. You should be aware that school liability cases are difficult to win. More than 60% of cases are decided conclusively in favor of the school, and less than 30% are decided conclusively in favor of the plaintiff.

Our attorneys will work with you to determine the strength of your case and will do everything we can to help you get compensation for your school accidents and injuries. Feel free to contact us, and we will discuss your case with you free of charge.

Dog Bites & Attacks

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, but sometimes they can cause harm and injury to us. When this happens, oftentimes a person can be considered responsible or liable for the injuries, depending upon the circumstances surrounding the attack. Injuries from dog bites can be devastating and sometimes permanent, so it is important that the victims of serious dog bites receive compensation for their injuries.

How Common Are Dog Bites?

Each year, more than 4.5 million people are bitten or attacked by dogs in the United States. And of those people, nearly 20% of them require medical attention following an attack. People—especially children and the elderly—can be severely injured by dog bites. Additionally, dog bites can spread germs and bacteria leading to serious diseases/infections like rabies, MRSA, or tetanus.

What to Do if You’re Bitten/Attacked by a Dog

If you’ve been bitten, the first thing to do is to seek medical treatment if necessary. If the wound is minor, thoroughly clean it and disinfect it at home. Take photos of any injuries and the scene of the attack. Get the contact information of the owner and any witnesses. Report the attack to your local animal control office (or the police). Then, contact a personal injury lawyer, who can advise you on how to proceed. Our lawyers at the Law Office of Raffi Khorozian have extensive experience working with dog bite victims. If you have been severely injured by a dog, contact our office for a free case evaluation.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction workers face dangerous working conditions daily. Construction accidents and injuries can occur at anytime. From a small house remodeling project, to a multi story office building development, construction work is a dangerous environment. Whether a construction injury claim involves a defective nail gun, a circular saw or defective power tools, or is caused by falling debris from ladders and scaffolds, New Jersey construction workers need experienced legal representation when they’ve been injured.

Knowing who is responsible for a construction worker’s injury is often the first step in pursuing a settlement. Construction sites often have several different contractors, subcontractors, and other individuals, working on a project. Heavy equipment, scaffolding, construction materials, and open utilities may also be present at the site. When a construction accident occurs, project managers, general contractors, property owners, architects, engineers, and several others may have responsibility.

Many construction accidents and fatalities often lead to large personal injury settlements. If you have been injured on a construction site due to someone else’s negligence, the Law Office of Raffi Khorozian can help you get money from the insurance company for the negligent party. Contact us, and we will review your case with you free of charge.

Slip and Fall

One of the most common personal injury claims is known as a “slip and fall” accident, which means someone slipped or tripped and fell on someone else’s property and was injured as a result. Slip and fall accidents can happen on any premises when business owners, managers, employees, property owners, homeowners, or landlords allow an unsafe condition on their property to exist.

Property owners or landlords may be held liable for a slip and fall injury if they failed to keep up their properties. These can be complex cases, which is why it is important to retain the services of an attorney from the Law Office of Raffi Khorozian today. Not everyone who slips and falls in a store, parking lot, or in a rented apartment has grounds to file a lawsuit. Sometimes, a business owner or landlord is not aware of a hazard that may have developed shortly before the accident. In other cases, a property owner cannot be held responsible if it’s determined that an ordinary person should expect to find the hazard and avoid it. That being said, there are many instances where injured victims in slip and fall accidents have a legitimate case. Accidents can happen for any number of reasons, from grocery store managers who fail to promptly address a spill, to a hotel staff member who fails to upkeep a sidewalk during the winter months.

Slip, trip and fall accidents have a variety of different causes including:

  • Wet or slippery surfaces
  • Torn carpeting or broken tiles
  • Unsafe steps or narrow stairs
  • Inadequate upkeep of a sidewalk or walkway
  • Poor lighting or visibility
  • Safety code violations

Injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident can vary depending on the circumstances and location of your injury. A fall down a staircase due to a loose handrail can result in cuts, bruises and broken bones. A fall on pavement due to snow or ice can result in broken bones, fractures or a potentially debilitating head, neck or spinal cord injury. Even worse, a slip and fall sustained by an elderly relative at a nursing home may even lead to the wrongful death of that loved one.

After a slip, trip or fall accident, it’s critical to report the accident to management and to seek medical attention immediately. If you believe the conditions which led to your accident were preventable, you may have grounds to file a claim against a negligent property owner. Our lawyers will collect evidence, interview witnesses and consult with medical experts to determine the cause of your accident and true long-term cost of your injuries.

If you or a loved one were injured in a slip and fall accident, please contact our office for a free case evaluation.

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